Saturday, April 19, 2014

"The Bachelors' Kitchen" PART 2: "Wrap 'n' Roll"

Hey readers... It’s SATURDAY!! And I’m at home! FYI, this is my 1st Saturday of not doing anything since few months back. Normally, my Saturday will always busy with unnecessary events be it in our out of Malacca.

So, I decided to share another simple recipe for “The Bachelors’ Kitchen” segment. Initially this recipe is another version of “popiah” or “samosa” or anything like it. I understand that not every bachelor is keen about the details when preparing food. Our taglines will always be “Simple, Easy and Yummy” hahaha.. so here it is.. My very own version of “Wrap ‘n’ Roll

The simple ingredients
1.      Popiah wrapper.
2.      3 boiled eggs.
3.      5 hotdog sticks.
4.      3 tablespoon of chilli sauce.

Wrapped it and ready for frying...

Preparing steps:
1.      Chop hotdog sticks into small cubes.
2.      Fry hotdog cubes.
3.      Mash the boiled eggs and then mix it together with hotdog cubes.
4.      Stir the mixture with chilli sauce.
5.      Wrap/roll some portion of the mixture with popiah wrapper.
6.      Then, deep fry it.
7.      Finally your “Wrap ‘n’ Roll” is ready to be served!

"Wrap 'n' Roll" is ready to be serve... =)

EASY right??? You can try to wrap it anyway you like. Be it rolled? Rectangular? Sacked? Let it be free... then cooking will be fun for you...

Till then readers... happy trying... XD

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