Saturday, April 19, 2014

"The Bachelors' Kitchen" PART 2: "Wrap 'n' Roll"

Hey readers... It’s SATURDAY!! And I’m at home! FYI, this is my 1st Saturday of not doing anything since few months back. Normally, my Saturday will always busy with unnecessary events be it in our out of Malacca.

So, I decided to share another simple recipe for “The Bachelors’ Kitchen” segment. Initially this recipe is another version of “popiah” or “samosa” or anything like it. I understand that not every bachelor is keen about the details when preparing food. Our taglines will always be “Simple, Easy and Yummy” hahaha.. so here it is.. My very own version of “Wrap ‘n’ Roll

The simple ingredients
1.      Popiah wrapper.
2.      3 boiled eggs.
3.      5 hotdog sticks.
4.      3 tablespoon of chilli sauce.

Wrapped it and ready for frying...

Preparing steps:
1.      Chop hotdog sticks into small cubes.
2.      Fry hotdog cubes.
3.      Mash the boiled eggs and then mix it together with hotdog cubes.
4.      Stir the mixture with chilli sauce.
5.      Wrap/roll some portion of the mixture with popiah wrapper.
6.      Then, deep fry it.
7.      Finally your “Wrap ‘n’ Roll” is ready to be served!

"Wrap 'n' Roll" is ready to be serve... =)

EASY right??? You can try to wrap it anyway you like. Be it rolled? Rectangular? Sacked? Let it be free... then cooking will be fun for you...

Till then readers... happy trying... XD

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"The Bachelors' Kitchen" PART 1: "Crunchy Nori"

Salam semuanya...

Rasanya sebelum ni, aku pernah cerita yang aku memang suka kerja-kerja dapur lebih-lebih lagi MEMASAK. Bagiku, memasak punya kuasa untuk memberi ketenangan jiwa. Jadi aku ingin berkongsi beberapa resipi masakan dari dapur bujangku. Aku tak la masak tiap hari kat rumah sewa ni sebab kekangan masa dan tugas hakiki. Jadi dapur bujangku hanya akan berasap jika aku berkesempatan.. haha

Aku bercadang nak buat satu segment baru untuk menceriakan lagi ruangan blog “Aku Anak Iban” ni. Aku namakan segment u sebagai “THE BECHELORS’ KITCHEN”. Aku akan share resipi-resipi mudah yang pasti boleh dilakukan oleh sesiapa sahaja tak kira dimana dan status.. (merepekkk)

Baiklah, ini resipi pertama. Resipi “Crunchy Nori” atau nama Malaysianya “Rumpai Laut Rangup”


1.   Sepeket kepingan Seaweed.
2.   Sepaket kulit popia.
3.   2 biji telur.

Bahan-bahan untuk membuat "Crunchy Nori"

Cara penyediaan:

1.   Pukul telur sehingga sebati.
2.   Sapukan telur pada helaian kulit popia.
3.   Letakkan kepingan seaweed diantara dua helai kulit popia yang telah disapu telur.
4.  Guntingkan helaian kepada cebisan kecil.
5.   Goreng cebisan sehingga kekuningan.
6.   Hidangkan.

Kepingan Seaweed disalut diantara kepingan kulit popia.

Digunting menjadi cebisan kecil.

"Crunchy Nori" sedia untuk dihidangkan.. =)

Mudah bukan??? Nikmatilah “Crunchy Nori” ketika anda bosan. Pasti kebosanan itu akan hilang. HAHAHA...

p/s: Maaf kerana entry mengenai JENESYS 2.0 tertangguh dek kekangan masa untuk menaip panjang lebar. Jangan risau, cerita JENESYS 2.0 pasti akan dipublish nanti...  

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

JENESYS 2.0: Pre-Departure Orientation Program

On February 15, 2014

Pre-departure Orientation Program was held at the Banquet Hall in Ministry of Education Malaysia building. That was the very first time all of us meeting each others. Yup! We did recognize some of us because we did talk to each other during the interview. Somehow some of us don’t. As for me, I didn’t really recognize their names but their faces rang the bells.

From UTeM, there were 8 of us who are successfully been selected into the program (Me, Ivy, Wawa, Illani, Izzati, Izdi, Mohd Nur and Izzat). During orientation day, 46 Malaysian JENESYST gathered together with our supervisor (Miss Diana & Mr Radzi) and their bosses. Unfortunately 2 JENESYST can’t make it to the orientation day (Daniel and Ayub) due to some unexpected issue.

Our program started with an ice-breaking session where we need to draw our own face on a piece of paper. Then, the facilitators collect all drawings and randomly distribute it to everyone. So, each one of us received a drawing of another people. Our task is to go and recognize who is the owner of that drawing. The task should be easy IF the drawing was great. However, being a portrait-drawing noob I am (oh! Probably most of us), it was really hard to recognize the owner of the drawing. I myself drew “Hagemaru” as I really can’t draw human-figure. 
I got this picture;

WHO IS SHE??? =.="

And I was like...WHATTT??? and everyone was also like... WHATTT??? WHO IS THIS? When they received the drawing they need to discover. I literally hold it up hoping for the owner of the drawing to finally come to me.. Somehow, the drawing I had was belong to one great girl. Very unexpected! Ahahahaha and her name is MISS KAY!!! (Who is she? Wait, I'll share more about her and others in another entry) It turns out that we get along very well and become best friends..

Oh ya... we also did some games where we need to be in a group according to the instruction given (ie: group of the same month of birth and same state of origin)

After listening to some speeches, our orientation program continues with a talk about Malaysian and Japanese culture by Dr. Zainal. We gain a lot of information on Japanese culture and he did give us some Japanese living style especially when we are with our foster family. The Do’s and Don’ts on Japanese culture really captures my attention as I am not familiar with Japanese traditional lifestyle. Even if I did, it was only from Japanese movies..hehe

For evening session, we had our 1st training for Malaysia traditional dances. We need to perform traditional dance when in Japan. 3 dance-gurus who teach us were Hazri (Zapin Pekajang dance) only for boys, Jaxy (Chinese Fan dance) and Kiru (Banghra dance). I have to admit that I am so bad when it comes to Zapin. I tried Zapin since primary school but I really can’t do it. The 1st time Hazri taught me, I was just like !@#$%^&*... Why so hard?? =.=” Being a supportive she are, miss Dee (our supervisor) always said “You guys did a great job!” “Malaysian JENESYST is an all-rounder’s, you can do everything!!” yaaa...thank you miss Dee..hehe.. =.=”

Before our orientation ends, Mr Radzi brief us about our departure and roughly on our 10 days JENESYS 2.0 tentative.

p/s: I’m really sorry for my language errors. Grammars??? Always $#@#$%..hahaha

till next time... bye..=)

Friday, March 14, 2014

First 2014 entry: JENESYS Interviews

Day 15 of the 3rd month in 2014,

This will be my first blog-post of the year.

Not that I completely forgetting this page, somehow my so-called hectic life is one of the major obstructions from updating it here. By hectic here I’m referring to my research + shopping + coaching + travelling + hanging out + talking craps. YES! That hectic! Hahaha...

Well, lots of things have been happening and I can hardly believe that now is quarter pass 2014! It feels like yesterday I am celebrating New Year with my family!

On January 15, I was one of the 10 candidates representing UTeM attending an interview at the Ministry of Education Malaysia, Putrajaya. UTeM 10 candidates were selected through one in-campus interview session earlier that week. The interview is to select 48 Malaysia university students to be parts of Malaysian delegates that will be flying to Japan for JENESYS 2.0 program.

The JENESYS 2.0 Programme (Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths) is a project advanced by the Japanese government from the standpoint of providing a sound foundation for strong solidarity within Asia through large-scale youth exchange. The participants are students and youths from ASEAN member countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar), India, China, Mongolia, Australia, New Zealand, and SAARC member countries (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, the Maldives, Afghanistan). JENESYS 2.0 program initially have various modules such as cultural, entertainment and fashion module. However for this time, it was the first batch for Japanese language module.

At Putrajaya, there were two interview sessions that the candidates from all Malaysia public universities need to gone through. The first session was an interview session that was fully conducted in Japanese language. The second session was an English language interview session. One of the criteria to join this program is that you must have attended any Japanese language class formally provided you have your certified Japanese language result. Seriously while waiting for our turn, I’m tortured and psycho-ed by everyone else. Most of them were even talking in Japanese with each others. In my mind, this was written “How on earth I ended myself to be here as I have a limited knowledge on speaking Japanese??” haha

My 1st interview session doesn’t go well. Honestly, I was only learning Japanese for the duration of 4 months during my 7th semester of my bachelor degree. All I know was only to introduce myself in Japanese plus some simple Japanese conversation. SERIOUSLY! Knowing that I might lose my chance, I’m giving my very best for the 2nd interview session. I think I did quite well. (>.<)” After the interviews ended, we were informed that successful candidates will receive a phone call before noon the next day.

So, on January 16, I was waiting anxiously for the phone call. I literally holding my hand phone from the moment I woke up. After pass noon, I still not get any phone calls. I almost gave up. I called few of my friends whom also attended the interviews just to know their status. Apparently none of us (my friends and I) received any calls. Somehow around 3.30pm, I received a golden phone call that I’ve been waiting for.


Well, that’s it for my JENESYS 2.0 interview experience. I will update more on our JENESYS 2.0 pre-departure orientation program and our JENESYS 2.0 program in Japan next time.

Parts of my UTeM colleague attending the interview at Putrajaya #GengPorscheBIRU 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Di mana lagi harus kita bergantung harap??? #isuMEDIA

Selaku rakyat Malaysia yang sinonim dengan budi pekerti dan peri simpati yang tinggi, pastinya kita sering mempunyi rasa ingin tahu yang amat besar akan keadaan semasa saudara-saudara kita yang kini sedang serang musibah. Bencana alam memang sesuatu yang tidak mampu untuk dijangka apatah lagi untuk dihindari. Yang mampu kita lakukan hanya berusaha untuk meminimakan impak bencana terhadap komuniti setempat.

Memang, kini kita punya banyak medium untuk mendapatkan lintasan berita terkini. Media sebagai medium penyampai maklumat tidak kira aliran perdana mahupun alternatif. Jika dahulu siaran radio tempatan, siaran berita oleh stesen television tempatan dan akhbar setempat sering menjadi tampat masyarakat bergantung harap untuk mendapatkan maklumat. Kini, teknologi tidak berdinding semakin mendapat tempat. Internet, blog, laman sosial, anda namakan sahaja. Terdapat beribu jenis yang boleh dilayari sekelip mata. Apabila kebebasan penyebaran maklumat ini dipraktikkan, isu ketelusan pula menjadi persoalan.

Timbul persoalan, harus atau tidak untuk kita mempercayai maklumat yang berlegar di laman sesawang ini? Sesuatu isu begitu senang dimanipulasi. Apabila diolah sedikit dengan tambahan rencah polarisasi politik, terus hukuman dijatuhkan kepada pihak yang ditentang. Sekecil-kecil isu boleh menjadi sensasi hasil penulisan penuh spekulasi.

Segelintir pembaca extrimis akan terpengaruh sepenuh jiwa dengan segala yang dibaca. Kerana isu yang belum pasti kesahihannya, tergadai pekerti bila masyarakat mula berbelah bagi. Di manakah cerminan projek penyatuan rakyat oleh kerajaan yang sejak azali berlangsung dan pasti telah menelan belanja jutaan ringgit. Perpaduan yang dahulu nyata, kini semakin kabur. Hanya kerana hasil pemanipulasian beberapa perkara.

Apabila semakin keliru, cubaan untuk kembali ke medium azali dilakukan. Hasilnya tetap sama. Kini segalanya dikaburi wang ringgit semata-mata. Perkara yang lebih penting hanya mendapat liputan picisan. Walhal liputan berbentuk kemasyarakatan sebegini yang rakyat dambakan. Ingin mengetahui status masyarakat yang sedang begelumang derita. Bukannya untuk mendengar liputan berunsur sehala yang akhirnya memainkan isu yang berulang. Yang itu kutuk yang ini, yang ini kutuk yang itu. Di samping cubaan bermain bahasa bermatlamatkan mengikat hati masyarakat.

Andai benar masih ada yang prihatin, tolonglah. Rakyat sudah puas merintih, kesatuan bangsa semakin rapuh, keagungan dan ketelusan pemimpin semakin dipersoal. Ingat, kita ada peribahasa berbunyi; “Gajah sama gajah bertarung, pelanduk mati di tengah-tengah”. 

p/s: Maaf, penulisan ini tidak memfokuskan mana-mana pihak. Ini hanya sekadar monolog peribadi si penulis... 

Monday, December 2, 2013

INSPIRATION for a better life

-my BIGGEST inspiration: FAMILY-

As an ordinary human being who always been tempted with life obstacles and devil agendas, we will never escape to experience the ups and downs in our daily life. In order to keep moving on, an inspiration is one of the things that would help to get our self up.

According to the most trusted dictionary in the world; Oxford Dictionary, INSPIRATION is the act of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something special.

Inspiration can come in many forms. May it be a person or one single action that moves other people to keep moving forward without being helpless to continue living their precious life.

-them who keep me stronger-

There are many powerful and iconic human beings out there that we can make as our inspiration, and of course which is closely related to our personal life. For example, famous celebrities (Oprah Winfrey, Ellen Degeneres, Paul Walker, Michael Jackson, etc), politicians (Barack Obama, Tun Dr Mahathir, Anuar Ibrahim, Margaret Thatcher, etc), sportsman (Michael Phelps, Carl Lewis, Tom Daley, Bryan Nickson, Pandelela Rinong, etc), or maybe somebody close to you (your parents, lecturers, friends, etc).

Thinking about their act that motivates you to keep on doing what you always wanted to. To keep on being what you always wanted to be. To keep you being who you really are. Without living under others’ perception or others’ shadow. Just to be the true you. 

-an inspiration to always appreciate friendship regardless your personal background-

Revealing to the whole world the true you might not be the easiest thing to do. Either you realise it or not, these issue will always hunt you forever as you keep it longer. You will always be burden with a huge question mark of “What will people think of it?” “Will I be accepted?” “Is this the best for me?”. You will never know the answer if you never try to carry it out. Once you live it out, that burden will be lift and you can live the life of your dream.

Of course you will get various feedbacks as the drawback of your action, but then will you know the people who are really there for you. Supporting you for who you are. Giving you courage and never holding you back. Embrace that precious life that you have.

Remember, we are living in this world once. Live your life to the fullest and never let fear conquers your life. Life is too precious to be wasted by sorrow. Indirectly, you will inspire others when you successfully living your dream life. 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hatiku masih ada kamu

Berombak dada bergelora
Nafas kencang mengikut irama
Denyutan nadi mengundang duka
Ketika setiap kali bayangmu menerpa

Semakin aku mencuba untuk menghindari
Semakin jelas bayangmu
Muncul menampakkan diri
Hingga mata hati kita bertamu

Aku tahu derita ini bukan kerana kamu
Aku tahu perit ini tercetus dari diriku
Aku tak inginkan keterpaksaan
Aku tak ingin menjadi bebanan

Akhirnya aku putuskan
Mengundur diri adalah jawapan
Kerana tak mampu lagi aku menahan
Di dalam hati namamu akan terus ku simpan